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A billion dollar software tech company is founded every 3 months

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O RLY? Indeed, 'tis so. Humbling!

This list was quite helpful, Rohit. tl;dr since 2002:

2002 -- LinkedIn

2003 -- ServiceNow, Rovio, Skype, Glam Media

2004 -- Palantir, Splunk, Kayak, Facebook, Evernote, Yelp

2005 -- Box, Palo Alto Networks, Zillow, Bebo, HomeAway, YouTube, Workday

2006 -- Spotify, Twitter, Demand Media.

2007 -- Nicira, Gilt Groupe, Tumblr, Hulu, Dropbox, LivingSocial, Zynga

2008 -- Github, Airbnb, Yammer, Groupon, Pinterest

2009 -- Square, Storm8, Quora, GetAround

2010 -- Fab, Instagram, Stripe, Skillshare

2011 -- ???

 That's incredible. I would have guessed it was more like one per year.

I'm humbled by how long services like Pandora (2000), Zappos (1999), SurveyMonkey (1999), TripAdvisor (2000), Jive (2001), Salesforce (1999), and RackSpace (1998) took to get where they are today.

Also that services like Google, PayPal, and OpenTable started in 1998 -- which means they'll be fifteen years old next year!!!

Evernote on that list!  Wow!

 I wonder how long will Splunk roll given that GrayLog+Logstash seem to do more.  I wonder if I should start a new thread to discuss that as a splunk replacement.  Nah, already beaten to death!

I do wonder what kind of a future Splunk has.

They've built a great Salesforce so perhaps they acquire GrayLog and/or LogStash?

Evernote has no competition. They'll be around for 100 years.

 I love splunk.  Some of the companies our startup has been talking to have them completely integrated, so they'll be around for a long time coming.  Their only issue is that now that they're public, their dev roadmap is completely full, so lots of opportunities with their same customers.  

BTW, I love a16z too. 

Andreessen Horowitz has notably said that only 15 companies each year get the lion's share of venture returns.

It's noteworthy how many of these companies are in the a16z portfolio.

 Anreessen Horowitz are like Roman Empire of Internet Companies (:

Actually, Sequoia and Greylock are investors in many of these companies, too.

Also, note that three are YCombinator companies (Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe).

Agreed. Sequoia is old and long-standing and Greylock is coming up bigger.

A16Z portfolio still rocks overall, if you compare directly.

I mean they make very less mistakes in something like investing...and that's impressive.

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