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Beets, chocolate, spinach, rhubarb, tea, and nuts are rich in oxalate, and colas are rich in phosphate; both contribute to kidney stones.

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Besides avoiding stone-forming foods, Drink plenty of water: 

Drinking extra water dilutes the substances in urine that lead to stones. Strive to drink enough fluids to pass 2 liters of urine a day, which is roughly eight standard 8-ounce cups. It may help to include some citrus beverages, like lemonade and orange juice. The citrate in these beverages helps block stone formation.

I found this article in the middle of a personal finance thread about saving money:

Main tips: Learn to cook and drink water. 

Cooking foods with oxalates also takes care of most of them.  Occasional exposure is OK too, just something to keep in mind.

The amount of phosphate in coke, in particular, is relatively low compared to other foods.  Again something to watch, but if calcium is good relative to phosphorus it can mitigate problems.

Thanks, I will go easy on the nuts and cook my beets and spinach.

I'm also happy to not drink cola. 

And drink more water. 

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