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Think Less, Think Better

Recently, I discovered how much we overlook, not just about the world, but also about the full potential of our inner life, when our mind is cluttered. In a study published in this month’s Psychological Science, the graduate student Shira Baror and I demonstrate that the capacity for original and creative thinking is markedly stymied by stray thoughts, obsessive ruminations and other forms of “mental load.” 


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So basically we should look for ways to reduce mental overload?

I have been thinking about similar stuff since years ago saw an study about how "unfinished tasks" affect people's cognitive performance.  I think there is a lot to it, and a lot of what we encounter and casually save in our information environment can be construed as task-like in this sense. 

Is it better to take on less, or is it better to finish as much as we can?

Maybe both. 

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