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Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards: Where were the shields and helmets?

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vanlal on Imzy summarizes my point of view nicely:

Matt Easton, of the ScholaGladiatoria channel on Youtube is a HEMA instructor and an accomplished amateur medieval battle historian.

Here he is saying exactly what I've been saying in that other thread - Jon Snow, You know nothing about fighting pitched battles! Where are your shields? Where were your pole weapons? Where's your armour? Where are the battle tactics that you must have learnt with Robb under the Masters of Arms in Winterfell? Did you lose all that knowledge in the Great Void? Where are your army's fucking helmets?

You won that battle purely because the Gods of Narrative (Weiss & Benioff) decided that Ramsay's army had to lose and brought in yet another Deus Ex Machina in the form of Littlefinger's cavalry - The Kinghts of the Vale. Not only was your army outnumbered, you had the technological and strategic disadvantage. Your corpses should all have been flayed and burning on Bolton crosses!

You went eyes open into a gunfight bearing knives and you came out the winners. That's fucking IMPOSSIBLE without movie script magic!



Sansa beat Ramsay because she stopped acting like a Stark:

Who will sit on the Iron Throne according to history?

Battle of Bastards Visual effects breakdown reel:

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