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New Yorkers and Californians really want driverless cars, says Volvo Future of Driving Survey

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Volvo is in the midst of hosting the Future of Driving Survey, which it calls the largest "conversation about autonomous driving to date."

Nearly 50,000 people have responded to Volvo's questions about self-driving cars so far.

While its data shows Americans differ in their eagerness for and trust of autonomous cars, 90% of them agree that government agencies and local authorities are slow to respond to or plan for self-driving cars.

This most recent dissection of the growing data from respondents should leave us with a few takeaways. First off, carmakers and autonomy advocates like me need to do a better job of educating the public of the benefits of self-driving cars.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, government officials need to do an even better job of getting out in front of the tech and supporting it as it comes down the road. I'm looking at you, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx.

From Redditor StopTop:

I long for this day.

I see a future where nobody owns cars (unless they really want to) but, instead you pay a monthly service where you hit a button and one rolls up outside your house. With critical mass, this service would be far cheaper, more efficient and reliable than owning your own car.

You could likely choose solo-rides or ride-shares at different prices. Call for a bus if you have a big group, options for limo, party bus, supercar for long cross country drives. Comfort options, including vehicles with nice lounges, sleeping cabins. Buying snacks and alcohol on long trips.

Instead of sitting in traffic for 1/2 hour a day, you could chill and have a conversation with your "ride partner" or have a coffe and read a book. Hell, if you have a long commute you could catch a nap on the way to work.

Houses would no longer need garages, people would have gardens again. Parking garages need no longer exist as cars are being used 24/7 rather than 1/7. Large parking lots and garages could be developed for other uses. Pedestrian friendly developments would thrive, stoplights and stop signs need not exist anymore. 10s of 1000s of lives would be saved every year, drunk driving would be a thing of the past. Speed limits no longer needed as the cars communicate with each other and a car going 50 mph knows a car behind it is coming up 150 mph.

The invention of the automobile has had a particularly nasty effect on the development of the USA. See any city's urban core compared to it's outskirts. It would be nice to see city planners go back to designing cities based on people, rather than autos. I think that would be an added benefit after we convert to a fully or almost fully automated transportation network.

Life would just be better.

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