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Google's Diversity Efforts Show Scant Progress

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I honestly do not understand how to go about creating diversity. Let's change the industry to illustrate. 

For instance, there are not enough women bricklayers on our construction company. We need to have more of them to improve our diversity umbers.  But - THERE ARE JUST NO WOMEN BRICKLAYERS period.  Maybe one or two.  Where are we going to get them from?!

If a company wants diversity it needs to create training programs. 

Yes, but still - what if there are no women who are interested in training for a bricklaying jobs?  And besides, I do not think companies -want- diversity.  They are being pressured from outside to have diversity. Unless a company sees that not having a diversity hurts its business, it has no reason to change its hiring practice, no?

You're very right. 

Whenever someone studies nondiverse businesses they find they underperform diverse businesses. 

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