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Breaking Bad News Doesn’t Have To Be So Bad

Led by Manuela Richter and Cornelius J. König, a team of psychologists at Saarland University in Germany recently conducted a series of experiments examining whether there are certain “rules” that managers can follow to minimize the distress of giving—and receiving—bad news at work.

Breaking Bad News Doesn't Have To Be So Bad - Association for Psychological Science

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Okay so what's the best way to deliver bad news?

“Organizational bad-news training that focuses on both delivery and fairness issues in giving bad news seems to be a promising way to minimize harm for all involved.”

"Using insights from medical settings, the researchers developed specialized training for managers that emphasized using facts (i.e., providing adequate and reasonable explanations of the bad news) and fairness (i.e., treating employees with dignity and actively listening to their responses) during the delivery of bad news."

Use facts and fairness. Got it. 

You are a wonderful companion here, Marlene. I appreciate you!

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