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Self Esteem, Gratification, and Addiction, by Simon Sinek

Saying "My door is always open" is not enough. 

We're assuming they have the courage and the skills to come in and ask for help.

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So what's the main takeaway? That we need to encourage people to ask for help?

Although he does veer around somewhat, he starts with the depression/suicide of Millennials and then basically attributes the causes to instant gratification, not entitlement. (Haven't been able to find the transcript. He gives excellent examples... and talks fast.)

Yeah, he talks really fast:

If you do find a transcript please post it.

Off-topic. In searching the London Real site, I found this: Silicon Real

Wow that's more videos than I can possibly watch!

Interesting... this "Silicon" is video interviews about London start-ups. No wonder Techcrunch, Uber London, and Microsoft something were the only familiar names. No dates; I wonder how many are still alive.

I wonder, too.

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