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2.7 million total views after Reddit content experiment

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Interesting work done:

Limiting myself to 20 posts on Reddit using 2 unique accounts (10 posts each) during the 3rd quarter of 2012, I set out to prove the value in understanding how and why things trend online. Content marketing is sweet…

Growth Hack: Four key themes work well on Reddit. Good deeds, bad glamour shots, funny things that mock douchey people, fear/death.

You want to think through titles carefully:

I calculated a less than 0.1% chance of posts (content) making the front page of Reddit. 1/1000 chance. (Not sure if my calculations are spot on - it is probably even tougher than that)

Odds of reaching the front page dramatically increase if you understand how and why content trends. The post with most engagement touched on the fear of heights. The picture wasn’t necessarily earth shattering, but the title and sense/emotion conveyed spurred a lot of interaction.

Overall, pretty happy with the results. 50% content, 40% title and 10% timing makes a successful post.

Examples of good titles:

Found this on my windshield today. Good people rule.

15 years ago my mom made me take glamor shots. She sent me this today.

Photographer snuck this gem into my cousin's wedding album.

My friend won’t approach cliff edges because he says the risk isn’t worth it. This is how he looks over, every time.

I still haven't figured out how to get past the Knights of New, even following these rules.

I think you have to develop a certain amount of karma first.

I agree that he made titles that compelled people to click.

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