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Exclusive Realities by elevr


The first was ‘Self Frottage with Light’ in which I used TiltBrush, a VR painting app from Google, to manually 3D scan myself. I used the mirror function, intended for making symmetrical drawings, much like a physical world mirror. I sat on the floor in front of it so I could see my body from the outside. In the beginning of the video there is nothing there, nothing to reflect.  My body is invisible. But as I slowly rub the controller over the surface of my skin I become visible in the mirror.

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Cool methods and ideas.  Funny & too bad that 'frottage' mainly seems to have the non-art meaning; I think that points to some lawmaker stupidly using a half-understood term.  That kind of thing mainly ruins the use for most.

It's a way to scan oneself with light, right? Neat demo.

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