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One Race, Every Medalist Ever: Video comparison of every Men's 100 Meter Dash medalist since the 1896 Olympics...

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Holy smokes Usain Bolt is fast.

And yet he missed the 2016 opening ceremony:

Top Reddit comment:

It looks like the modern 11 year old's times beat the 1896 Gold times according to this:

1896 bronze 12.6 seconds, beaten by 9-year-old Willie Washington 12.45 seconds.

1896 gold 12.0 seconds, beaten by 11-year-old Xavier Jones 11.95 seconds.

Counter argument:

That's really misleading.

You have to consider footwear, timekeeping, new blocks and surface differences. The basic gist of that Ted talk was that after biomechanical analysis of the speed of Jesse Owens' joints, he would have been within a stride of Bolt, because he had to actually make holes in the track when he ran.

Give him proper nutrition as well as strength and conditioning of today? Jesse probably beats Usain Bolt.

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