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How to Beat Procrastination | Wait But Why

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Effective planning takes a big list and selects a winner: 

A big list is perhaps an early phase of planning, but planning must end with rigorous prioritizing and one item that emerges as the winner—the item you’re going to make your first priority. And the item that wins should be the one that means the most to you—the item that’s most important for your happiness. If urgent items are involved, those will have to come first and should be knocked out as quickly as possible in order to make way for the important items (procrastinators love to use unimportant but urgent items as an excuse to forever put off the important ones).

it all comes back to spider-man!  do the most important thing first.

And there's a reason why that's a recurring theme. It works.

speaking of which, i've got to draw up a storyboard!

paaaandaaaaawhaaaaaaaaale is sucking me iiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!

I find it's helpful to set a time limit when it comes to PandaWhale.

Otherwise I'll spend hours here at a time.

i procrastinated by watching this ted talk yesterday.  so meta!

Nice! Surprisingly good TED talk, right?

yes.  i enjoyed it in spite of myself. 

Why in spite of herself?

because watching it was a guilty act of procrastination.

Instant gratification monkey says we need to watch it again!

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