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Men who act as breadwinners face negative health effects.

The study, released on Friday by University of Connecticut sociologists, found that as men take on a greater share of economic responsibility in their marriage, they reported greater strains on their wellbeing and health. In years where men in question were their family’s sole breadwinner, their psychological and health outcomes were at their worst.

“A lot of what we know about how gender plays out in marriage focuses on the ways in which women are disadvantaged,” she said. “Our study contributes to a growing body of research that demonstrates the ways in which gendered expectations are harmful for men too.”

Men who act as breadwinners face negative health effects, study finds | Money | The Guardian

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"But the study also looked at women and found a contrasting psychological outcome. For women, taking on a greater financial responsibility in their marriages had positive effects on happiness and wellbeing.

“Women ... may approach breadwinning as an opportunity or choice,” said Munsch, who co-authored the paper with Matthew Rogers and Jessica Yorks, graduate students at the university. “Breadwinning women may feel a sense of pride, without worrying what others will say if they can’t or don’t maintain it.”

“After all, they have accomplished something rare for their gender,” the study says, about women who are their family’s primary breadwinner. “Should they fail to maintain this status, however, they have less to lose” than men in the same position, based on social expectations."

Fascinating that being a breadwinner is good for women and bad for men.

Maybe this explains why so many men do not work:

On the other hand, marrying a smart woman prolongs a man's life:

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