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Why your smart friends can seem like such slackers...

People who like to use their brains are a lot less physically active than people who don't, according to research published this month in the Journal of Health Psychology.

Why your smart friends can seem like such slackers - The Washington Post

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The life of the mind requires naps.

Yes! Lots of napping!

And the body can jog to the refrigerator.

That's not much of a jog.

Quantity, not quality.

Ha! Quality matters. :)

Also, not to be prosaic, the life of the mind requires a lot of READING. Of books, even. And other kinds of studying. I once trained myself to read on the treadmill (because I also like exercising, obvs not that smart) but it was just a way to combine two unsatisfying experiences so I finally decided to enjoy both without combining them.

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