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Can you really predict what will make you happy? | Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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You're terrible at it.

no I am not =p

Yes, you are.

Not you in particular, Jared.

Humans in general don't know what will make us happy.

We only think that we do.

Here's the key:

Much of our unhappiness springs from the fact that we’re terrible at accurately remembering how things made us feel in the past, so we make bad choices regarding the future.

If you don't know your past, you don't know your future.

This is also an important insight:

When people are deprived of the information that imagination requires and are thus forced to use others as surrogates, they make remarkably accurate predictions about their future feelings, which suggests that the best way to predict our feelings tomorrow is to see how others are feeling today.

Btw, I love the look of the new, Eric!

The point about health is important. On the few occasions when I get sick or have to deal with chronic pain, I'm remarkably less happy and effective.

I'd much rather be poor and healthy than wealthy and sick.

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