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Making Video Ads That Work on Facebook’s Silent Screen

In the last year, Facebook has been vocal about its plan to put videos at the center of the social network. But to bring advertisers on board, it has had to convince them that their commercials can work in a News Feed where videos autoplay in silence, nestled between engagement photos and birthday wishes. As Facebook has urged brands to edit and reframe commercials to resonate in that environment, advertisers have asked whether such efforts are worth it.


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Advertising is a medium that has long relied on the hummable jingle, the memorable catchphrase and the familiar voice-over to connect with its audience. Now, as technology companies like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat hustle for a bigger cut of television marketing dollars by adding videos, they have been working to show advertisers that their videos can be just as effective, even if they are played on mute or are viewed for just a few seconds. With advertisers seeking to reach an increasingly fractured and fickle audience, the challenges of presenting ads on platforms that are not one-size-fits-all are sure to be much discussed at Advertising Week, a top industry gathering that begins Monday in Manhattan."

“If you’re a creative person, this is an extraordinary time to be in the opening chapters of quite an extraordinary development platform,” said Mark D’Arcy, chief creative officer of Facebook’s Creative Shop, which helps companies tailor their ads to the social network."

These are the kind of ads that work well with Snapchat, too. Not sure about Twitter. 

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