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California’s Central Valley, Land of a Billion Vegetables -

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"The air, trapped between mountain ranges, stinks, and the pollution is consistently ranked among the most severe in the country. Worse, there are so many cows nearby in megadairies and feedlots that the air contains microscopic particles of dried dung, enough so that you can taste it."


"If we want a system of farming that’s sustainable on all levels, we have to think about a national food and farming policy. And as I was looking out at Buxman’s amazing land, it occurred to me just how amazing it is that we don’t have one."

Some good food for thought.

Thanks for stashing this, Liz.

A lot of tradeoffs -- and a lot of things I hadn't thought about before.

Yay! I <3 provoking thought :)

Change we can believe in ...

" “This land and its water have gone mostly to the proposition of making a few men very wealthy and consigning generations of others, especially farmworkers, to lives in the dust.” I’d already seen an example of how wealth has been concentrated and captured in the valley: this summer, Campbell’s bought Bolthouse Farms for $1.55 billion. Meanwhile, there are thousands of valley farmworkers who are often victims of wage-theft and (illegally) required to supply their own tools."

That's how trickle-down economics works...the point is that wealth trickles down, it doesn't gush down equally.

Dead Sea v. Jordan sea. Wealth in America is the former, folks with wealth would have those without believe it is the latter.

Amazing article about Food in our country; thanks for sharing!

Sad state of the nation.

Always glad to share :)

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