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A Possibly Fatal Mistake

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I made the same mistake, except that my condition wasn't one that could have been avoided by primary care. If Scott succumbs to cancer, I hope they write "Died of a theory" on his tombstone.

I concur that this is ineffably harsh:

While Scott was foolish, mostly he was unlucky. He is a bachelor, so he didn’t have a spouse whose insurance he could fall back on in his midlife crisis. In any case, we all take risks, and usually we get away with them. Scott is a usually prudent guy who took a chance, and then everything went wrong.

The Mitt Romney philosophy, as I understand it, is that this is a tragic but necessary byproduct of requiring Americans to take personal responsibility for their lives. They need to understand that mistakes have consequences. That’s why Romney would repeal Obamacare and leave people like Scott to pay the price for their irresponsibility.

I'm struck by how many Americans are still against Obamacare.

Is there anything we can say that will show them that the new system is better?

Or will they forever resist it?

I do not think we will forever resist. The Americans alive today may.

As long as their politicians lie to them, they will resist it. Also, many Americans don't care. They believe the they are a product of their own hard work and success, not that they were lucky or gifted with good health, family, schooling, and environment.

Ironic that so many "evangelical Christians" fall in line with this thinking.

You didn't build that.

We live in interesting times where the whole country is just about divided equally on this issue.

Time is on the side of the part of society that takes care of each other.

The value add is there, I agree.

I'd just always bet on the "group that helps each other" over the "every person for her/himself" approach to life.

Pooling interests seems like a better survival strategy.

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