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The Road To Happiness In Your Work Venn

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We’ve found things we want to do, and can be paid for, but we’re not the best game in town. Mediocrity is not a sustainable strategy. Being able to recognise your own weakness is a profound strength, and acting to improve what you do is key to any kind of long term growth and stability. Find the best talent and steal them. Learn how your competitors run their businesses, and copy what works.

Source: How to be happy in business.

Life is about walking down the path to HOORAY.

this is so so good!!!

And worth revisiting every year. 

i'm thinking of taping it to my mirror!

I like that idea a lot, Emily.

Candy Venn!

happiness candy venn

This represents a different road to happiness.

milky way is the fastest way to get to happiness: chocolate, caramel, nougat.  boom.

But no cookie!

I love how poor Skittles is an island in that diagram. 

i do wonder why twix hasn't married milky way yet.

and skittles made me laugh too!  i think it should be sharing its island with starburst, though.

Starburst Island! I like the sound of that.

Why would Twix marry Milky Way?

to make milky way with cookie, which might be amazing!

When I googled for that I couldn't find anything. Interesting idea!

I did find this:

Happiness Venn!

happiness venn

This Venn diagram is among the most profound ones I have ever found.

pretty much all of 1997!!!  hahaha!  so true!

Was 1997 the year of Mmmbop?

hahaha!  yes.  and spice girls, too.

This one?

Or this one?

yes and yes. or this one:

i lived overseas that year and the only way i could get my grumpy italian roommate to smile was to blare this song and dance like a goofball!

Ha! I had not seen that video. Wow. I feel like a part of my past was missing!

Was that video before or after 2 Become 1?

part of your past WAS missing!  but now you can watch it again and again to make up for lost time.  :)

(i actually hadn't seen the video, either.  i only knew the song because my italian roommate had the album!)

2 become 1 is a good way to single out how they sing individually.  much to my surprise, i think the bouncy blonde has the nicest voice!  (the fit girl's pouffy vest is ridonculous!!)

What was surprising to me is that all five Spice Girls can actually sing.

2 become 1 best highlights the singing style of the blonde (Baby Spice Emma), but...

Popular consensus was that Scary Spice Mel B and Sporty Spice Mel C were the best singers.

Can't really tell from Stop:

Mel B separately:

Mel C separately:

Mel C with Emma:

I didn't realize they recorded that song together. It's from the musical Chess. Great musical.

I like the idea that we can fill in missing memories from our past. 

this has been such a fun spice girls retrospective!

i can tell they think mel b has the nicest voice because they tend to showcase her more.  but i still like emma's voice the most.  maybe it's because she sounds like olivia newton john, who was one of the first singers i admired as a kid, thanks to 100+ viewings of grease!  :)

is mel c sporting a front gold cap??  left eye was a badass.

She bought the gold tooth as soon as she could afford it:

She sold it in 2011:

She has the most well rounded profile of any of the Spice Girls:

She battled back from depression and seems pretty happy now:

Mel C interview: Sporty Spice on how being a mum has made her courageous - 3am & Mirror Online

Note that she kept the tattoo:

Mel C interview: Sporty Spice on how being a mum has made her courageous - 3am & Mirror Online

By the way now that you mention it I do hear the resemblance to Olivia Newton John:

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