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Growth hacking: leading indicators of engaged users

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Different companies have different metrics, but they typically can be bucketed in of three ways...

Let's see:

Network density: friend or following connections made in a time frame

Content added: files added to a Dropbox folder

Visit frequency: D1 retention

I understand "network density" -- network effects keep you coming back.

I understand "content added" -- the content is there so you keep returning to it.

But visit frequency? That drops off because users will get bored unless their friends or their stuff is there.

So I disagree with #3.

I think the premise is that different sites will value those three things differently. Some sites are sticky without your friends or your content. Reddit, quickmeme and imgur are good examples of this.

Isn't #3 just a measure of DAUs?

Semil, yes #3 is a measure of Daily Actives, but it doesn't speak to WHY.

Matt, I think that Reddit, Quickmeme, and Imgur are actually in bucket #2. You can judge them by how much great content gets added. And that great content pulls more users in.

"The content is there so you keep returning to it" is true whether the content is something you PUT there or something you FIND there.

Visit frequency is a consequence of people or content being there, imho.

Semil, not exactly. It's a measure of when a user returns to the site/app a second time... If they return within a day, Zynga found a strong correlation to that user becoming sticky. Zynga optimizes the mechanics of the game to induce the user to return within 24 hours (via special in-game rewards that expire, etc.)

Adam, I think users "stick" to reddit and the like by browsing/consuming first. Of those sticky users, 1-10% go on to create content...

I think it's not even 1% that go on to create content.

But that less than 1% is very prolific.

And the other 99%+ keep coming back for more content from them.

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