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"Mobile devices and apps are killing the Web." ~ @rabois

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From the BusinessInsider interview with Keith Rabois:

Mobile devices and apps are killing the web. "When I [first] said it, it was a little bit provocative. Now it is so obviously true that actually I find it boring. I don't know any smart person in the Valley who doesn't agree with that now .... Which is going to be more important to the future of society: a web site with www-dot-url or one of these?" [pulls out his iPhone.]

I disagree.

Mobile won't kill the Web. Mobile will make the Web bigger and stronger.

That it looks like mobile is killing the Web is just temporary.

I agree with Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle: The Web is not dead.

Battelle says specifically "the open, searchable, common platform is not dead, and no one should be planning a party on its presumed grave".

As The Web's inventor Tim Berners-Lee said, long live the Web.

Tumblr and Pinterest are two examples of services that grew thanks to the Web, and became bigger because of mobile.

The next decade will see many, many more.

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