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Hillary Clinton will step down after 2012 - Telegraph

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I believe her first order of business will be... to take a nap.

 I really believe that she's done... ready to retire... but hey.. in 3 years, who knows?

Retire to what?

I get the impression she's just getting started...

Also, any ideas for who the next Secretary of State could be?

Think Obama made a side deal with Bill Clinton?

 She's 65. People start thinking about retiring around that age, and after busting her ass to a degree few people ever do while Bill is enjoying the high life, I'm certain it's on her mind. No guarantee whether she'll do it, but she's made quite a few statements which make clear that she's done after this (tho, of course, leaving open the possibility for later).

 "Asked by CNN if she would like to be president, vice president or secretary of defence, she offered a single word response of “no” three times.

She has earlier said that her current job would be her last in government, not least because of the heavy travel demands. But the clarity of her statement that she would not work for Mr Obama beyond the four years of the current term laid to rest any lingering speculation about her intentions."

The premature front-runner in a presidential election almost never wins, which is something that Clinton learned in 2008. So if she's leaving the possibility open, it would be strategic for her to deny an interest in running at this point.

That said, I like her, but I think there are better candidates.




Cory Booker will have his hands full as Governor of New Jersey. :)

Elizabeth Warren doesn't have enough experience governing. She's too academic.

Frankly, the front runner should be Joe Biden. He's next in line.

And if not him, Andrew Cuomo 2016 makes sense.

But I'd still prefer Hillary.

 Warren will have only slightly less experience than Obama did in 2008

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