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LaunchRock vs KickoffLabs | WebAppLog

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I went with Kickoff Labs for the simple reason that it got up and running with less time and energy on my part. Which is of course, the best reason to use one of these services...

In my experience, it still takes  much more that 10-40 hours to put together a functional landing page. Main challenge is not the technology, but the content. 

Functional landing page requires a lot of thoughts and A/B experimentation. Ideally, you need one landing page per google AD campaign.

In my experience, Unbounce can help here and only in simple cases.

I'm two years into PandaWhale and I still haven't figured out a decent landing page.

99% plus landing pages on PandaWhale are pages like this one. Fwiw.

 Right, use whatever you prefer just don't do landing pages from scratch by yourself!

 Azat, true, in many cases the existing product convers the need. In fact, I coined the term - CAAS - component as a service. The new breed of products, which implement one simple functionality on the cloud and can be easily integrated to support custom solution.

Here is my CAAS stash:

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