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Translating Your Website | Smartling

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Need localization of your app/website?

Path, Foursquare, Hipstamatic and a bunch of other companies use it

and it looks well designed.

I love Smartling's mission:

Make the entire Web truly multilingual.

There's a 106 Miles company with a similar mission called Transifex.

Customers include Eventbrite, Mozilla, Nokia, Red Hat, and Creative Commons.

Don't hesitate to ping us if you have any questions on Transifex. :)

Dimitris Glezos

Founder & CEO, Transifex

If you do not want to spend smartling kind of money, but want a great technical solution for in-place editing and cloud translation management, check out our tool phrase. It's available for free for developers and open source projects. See our screencast or try our live demo at

Thanks for the tips, Dimitris and Frederik!

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