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What is going on in Florida?

What is going on in Florida


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In case you missed it:

Another Florida woman arrested for getting naked and touching herself in front of traffic.

Florida man arrested for twisting 2-year-old boy's nipples off.

Florida man kills teenager at gas station over loud music.

And on and on.

There is this syndrome in Florida that is not often talked about. Many people have it and it can go undiagnosed for years. It is called FUCKING CRAZY.

Twisted IcfAc.gif

Two Words: Bath Salts

Really glad this state plays such a major role in our presidential election...

Haven't you heard? Bugs Bunny sawed Florida off the map...

bugs bunny florida


 doesn't work... Chris Crocker is from Tennessee :-P

When I went to research this I discovered that Chris Crocker is now a porn actor.


I thought for sure he'd end up a zombie on bath salts like other people in Florida.

 I chat w/ him from time to time on FB and a former roommate of mine dated him in HS (and was his bf at the time of the "Leave Britney Alone!" vid). He never struck me as a druggie. ime, highly.. umm..... "forward" personalities tend not to be attracted to chemical escapism...

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