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What's an easy trick for quitting bad habits and starting good ones?

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Make the bad habits hard and the good habits easy!

Not that it's a bad habit necessarily, but I'm always sort of amused when my San Francisco friends complain about how much weight they gain by eating out all the time. As far as I can tell, a big part of the reason they live in SF is so they can be near the best restaurants and eat out all the time! And they have Ubercab so they can zip over to the restaurants and bars with the greatest speed and comfort.

Meanwhile for residents of the Peninsula and South Bay like me, it takes like 90 minutes each way to go to a fancy restaurant... but we enjoy a plethora of hiking trails, bike lanes, and farmer's markets. That makes a life of home-cooked food and outdoor adventure much easier than normal.

Going to sleep in one's gym clothes (and keeping sneakers next to the bed) is a brilliant technique.

I gotta try that.

I'm pretty sure you basically already sleep in your gym clothes and keep the sneakers next to the bed. These tricks can reduce the friction but they can't work miracles :P

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