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TraitPerception - Crowd-Based Trait Measurement And Reputation -

TraitPerception - Crowd-Based Trait Measurement And Reputation -
9:47 PM May 11 2012

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I think this service has a lot of potential. It will be interesting to watch it develop and expand. What do you think?

Thanks for posting this, Dain.

The first thing that came to mind is wondering if I care what other people think about me.

Am I unusual in not wanting to know?

Not at all Adam! I feel the same way, but it many cases it is what others think of me (particularly new contacts) that want to know for various reasons.

We have seen an interesting trend with Klout where employers and retail stores use it to see how you stack up. Even more interesting, or scary, is that you need to have a Klout score for them to even consider you. The simple fact of not using a service could hurt you in some way.

TraitPerception could be used the same way especially in the professional world. This week they are presenting at Seedcamp in Berlin and RIS in San Francisco which probably will increase their visibility and user base. I can see it being used in the way we see Klout being used. Their way of ranking looks to me to be different enough to be another prominent player in the space where Kred, PeerIndex and other have failed.

Dain, what you say makes sense to me.

I'm not convinced Klout is succeeding, for what it's worth. Most people I know refuse to use it, I've noticed.

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