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Dave Gorman: Googlewhack Adventure

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A googlewhack is what happens when two words are entered in to Google and it comes back with one and only one hit. (When the stranger told me I was a googlewhack, he didn't mean that my name, Dave Gorman, was one... he meant that my website contained one. It was Francophile Namesakes but I wouldn't bother googling it as it long ago stopped being a googlewhack.)

Initially googlewhacking seemed to be a pleasant enough distraction. Just something to do while sitting at my computer thinking about how to start writing my novel. I had no idea it was about to take over my life. Explaining quite how it grew is more complicated than can be sensibly explained here. In short... what started as work-avoidance built up into something of a breakdown.

In a very short space of time, Googlewhacking led me to travel around the world. About three times if you add it all up.

This is from so very long ago.

Googlewhacks these days are quite rare.

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