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Happiness multiplies when we divide it. ~Paulo Coelho

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I've heard the word happiness used in this quote instead of joy.

Divide your happiness == Share with others!

"network effect" of joy and happiness!

There aren't a lot of things in life for which the more you share it, the more you get.

By the way, I might have the attribution wrong.

This image says Albert Schweitzer is the author:

happiness multiplies

Dammit, Internet. You had ONE job. Tell me who said this!!!

Another math koan: divide the task and you multiply the success...

joy multiplies divide

but... this is an identity; OF COURSE something multiplies when it is divided, the two operations are reciprocal...  y = 2 * y/2.  when i cut my cheezburger in half, how many pieces do i have?  so does that mean my cheezburger defies math too?  durrrhh

I think there's something deeper at play.

You cut a cheese burger in half and you still have the same cheese burger, just cut in 2.

You share joy or happiness and you actually increase the amount of joy or happiness.

no i have two cheezburgers that I can share with someone!  and that is certainly happiness multipled... yeah yeah 1+1 = 3...

I like the way you think, Waylan.

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