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Eat your veggies to be happy and attractive

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7 servings a day of fruit and vegetables maximizes your attractiveness and mental well-being. This was a British study, so the servings were actually quite small -- 80 gms, which is about 3 heaping Tablespoons of most cooked vegetables. American portions are bigger: half a cup of cooked vegetables, or 1 cup of a raw leafy green.

Actually, are fruits and vegetables in the same bucket?

Or should we steer more toward vegetables than fruits?

Fruits and vegetables were in the same bucket for this study.

I find fruits more enjoyable than vegetables.

I could easily eat 7 servings of fruit a day. Vegetables would be harder.

Wisegeek had an interesting series of photos "What 200 calories looks like".

The plates of vegetables and fruits were full. You get a lot of nutrition for 200 calories!


What 200 Calories Looks Like... - PandaWhale

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