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DailyBurn CEO Skeptical About Fitness-Tracking Devices

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I've noticed that the people who I want to emulate do not use fancy gadgets to quantify their progress. Serious weight training people invariably just use a notebook and pen; while functional fitness types just do the workout of the day, usually for time or reps, and also track their progress with paper and pencil.

I'm also super creeped out by people who use social media to tell you how much running/biking/swimming they're doing. I might be interested in hearing about HOW YOU FEEL while doing these things -- your reactions to nature, the seasons, your own body -- but the raw numbers really put me off. I've started just de-friending anyone I know who pushes that unwanted information on me.

Tim Chang says the real game is controlling 'calories in', a game he can play without a device:

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