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Orgasm Diet == Happiness

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Megan Rose Dickey writes:

Dave Asprey put himself on a strict orgasm diet last year, where he wouldn't let himself orgasm more than once every eight days. While on the diet, Asprey would also track his levels of happiness, energy, and life in general by plotting a number from 1 to 10 every day on a chart.

Asprey found that when he had less frequent orgasms, his satisfaction with life went up and his relationship with his wife improved.

"That's why the quantified self is cool because big data tells us things about our biology that are just not obvious," Asprey says. "I would've bet a hundred bucks before I ran the experiment that, 'I'm pretty sure if I have sex all the time and have an orgasm all the time, I'll be happiest,' but that's not the case."

Wait, what?

Dave is incredibly smart, and I trust his research on just about anything (he once helped me lose 25 pounds in 60 days) but I'm not going to follow his advice on this one.My anecdotal evidence is that more orgasms = greater happiness.

That's what's so fascinating about the recommendation.

I find no scientific evidence to back his claims.

And yet, he's very confident that he is correct.

What, wait?

It's kind of like a juice fast.

Ok, not really.

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