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How can you improve the quality of your sleep at night and feel less tired during the day? - Barking up the wrong tree

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Pimpin' ain't easy.

Exercise, by comparison, is.

A good reason to exercise.

I also have found it's worthwhile to invest in a great mattress.

hmm; i've heard contrarian theories to this, in terms of hip and back alignment. but perhaps that's what you mean by "great." most of us opt for "comfortable" which sinks our hips and back, so later when we are walking they are out of alignment until we get adjusted..

By great I mean supportive, not soft.

my trainer's advice:

sleep 10 hours a night (see: also, Einstein)

completely blackout your room

no artificial or natural light whatsoever (much easier, if you go to bed on the earth's natural cycle)

no artificial light an hour before bed.

basically: sleep like you would 200 years ago, when it's dark outside (or artificially make it dark) without being interrupted by artificial lights inside your bedroom/sleeping area.

10 hours a night?! That's 40% of your life!!

How much time do people lose when they're sick, unhealthy or not fully rested? :) Less hours but more productive and more healthy...

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