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Who’s Afraid Of Google Glass? | TechCrunch

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Seriously, people? Seriously? DARPA has built drone-mounted 1.8-gigapixel cameras that can recognize people waving from 15,000 feet.Gait recognition software is good enough that they probably don’t even need to see your face. Oh, yes, and they’re working on legions of drones the size of insects, too, while they’re at it. There’s already one closed-circuit camera for every 32 people in the United Kingdom. And the NSA is building a new 65-megawatt data center in Utah to parse this brave new world of big data.

Meanwhile, everywhere you go, hardware is getting faster, software is getting better, everything is being networked. We’re marching boldly into a panopticon future. I’ve been writing about this foryears. And now, suddenly, you’re irate about the potential privacy repercussions of a few geeks bearing glasses? What is wrong with you people? Where have you been?

He's got a point.

Though I'm not sure why he used that image -- kinda creepy.

Yeah, but this won't be like those x-ray glasses from the comic books to see girls naked...You'll just read my mind or something. There's not much threat. 

That's how Philip J. Fry saved the universe in Futurama. His mind was immune to being read.

From the comments, TJ Parker:  "Look, there is a difference between "being looked at" and "being seen". You go into a public restaurant and have a conversation with a friend.  Someone might overhear you; you tolerate that. But if someone is sitting there intentionally eaves-dropping, or worse, recording our conversation, we're offended, outraged. We feel that our privacy has been violated. This isn't entirely irrational.  To be picked out as one voice in an impersonal mass of voices is one thing; to be singled out and intentionally exploited is another."

I'm on that page.

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