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Affirmations change old beliefs, like changing marbles in a bowl.

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Dan Hays explains affirmations:

Do you ever feel like you’re responding to life based on some old messages stuck in your head?

I was living that way, until I was introduced to affirmations. I Dan, choose to be a loving and worthwhile person. Sounds pretty hokey, but I have been stunned at how powerfully affirmations can work to change old messages when practiced on a regular basis.

As one of my mentors once said, if you have a bowl full of black marbles, and replace them one at a time with white marbles, eventually, you have a bowl full of white marbles. That’s how affirmations have changed my old beliefs. One marble at a time!

When I’m ready to say new affirmations, I know I’m ready to step out and change my behavior. It is a very freeing process.

Tony Robbins' videos on affirmations are worth watching.

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