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Loris champion: conserving the world's most surprising primate family

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Have you seen those adorable videos of slow lorises eating rice balls? They are actually specialized to eat insects and tree sap, rice and bananas cause malnutrition.  Learn about the animals in the wild beyond how cute they are, great article with one of the few biologists who study lorises.

I want a gif of a Loris eating gums! And saps! And bugs!

Slow Loris eating sticky rice - PandaWhale


Wait, so we're not supposed to feed them grapes???

Slow Loris says thanks for the grape! - PandaWhale

Even though he says thanks???

What's this one eating?

slow loris gif

What's THIS one eating?

slow loris gif

This doesn't even look like food...

slow loris gif

Triumphant Slow Loris!

slow loris gif

I'm putting "pet a loris" on my bucket list.