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10000 hours is a long damn time: What are the 7 steps to genius?

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This is going to be a lot of hard work. You might want to just go look at cat pictures. Go on. Run along. Nothing to see here.

There are cat pictures? Where???

In all seriousness though, Eric, this is a great article.

Summary of how to have the patience to last 10,000 hours...

1. Find your motivation.

2. Be your own toughest critic.

3. Beware the dark side -- bitterness and blame.

4. Identify your limitations, and then ignore them.

5. Delay gratification and resist contentedness.

6. Have heroes.

7. Find a mentor.

Worth reading the whole article:

Haha, I love using that expression, "go on. run along" especially as I make it sound so very British... 

That said, here's the best shortcut I've ever found that ensures disciplined progress on every truly desired endeavor you undertake, no matter how long it takes:

Remembering what you really want.

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