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What are 10 keys to job satisfaction?

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If you cannot see time as money, what should you see time as?

A limited resource for spending on experiences?

Time as money is the default? That's kinda scary.

Time is the most valuable resource you have and, sadly, you never know how much is left.

Well life itself seems to be a continual trade off between time, money, and energy:

Of course most working people see time as money, because that's the foundation of work. I work this much time in exchange for that much money.

What's interesting in the U.S. is that we've created institutions (education, cars, and housing) that force people into debt so that we HAVE to spend our time making money.

To not equate time with money is a luxury most Americans cannot afford.

I strongly disagree.

To sum it up in a sentence: "If we really believed time was money we would all spend our time very very very differently."

People VERY rarely spend their time in a way that is economically rational or, for the most part, defensible.

And let's not narrowly look at our friends who are likely to be disproportionately educated, intelligent and ambitious. Let's look at *all* Americans or all of the world's inhabitants and ask if people spend their time in a way that is aligned with their economic best interest. Far too much reality television is being watched for this to be true and that's but one of 7.2 gazilion examples I could give.

People are far too impulsive and emotional to ever live like this. And for many reasons this might be for the best: I do not think most of us would really care to live in a world of perfect rational economic calculations. I would live in fear of the day I had outlived my usefulness because being kind to me might prove too expensive.

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