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Who we are is Where we are

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"Be Here Now" meets "Be Yourself":

These studies tell us something profound, and perhaps a bit disturbing, about what makes us who we are: there isn’t a single version of “you” and “me.” Though we’re all anchored to our own distinct personalities, contextual cues sometimes drag us so far from those anchors that it’s difficult to know who we really are — or at least what we’re likely to do in a given circumstance.

It’s comforting to believe that there’s an essential version of each of us — that good people behave well, bad people behave badly, and those tendencies reside within us.

But the growing evidence suggests that, on some level, who we are — litterbug or good citizen, for example — changes from moment to moment, depending on where we happen to be.

Context matters.

How we deal with tragedy defines who we are. ~Parks and Recreation, "Lesle and Ben"

Manipulate your environment to make bad habits hard and good habits easy.

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