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David Karp says advertisers are more talented than anyone in Silicon Valley.

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Laura Stampler catches David Karp being asskissy and hypocritical:

Tumblr founder David Karp has certainly changed his tune about advertisers.

In a 2010 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Karp said, "We're pretty opposed to advertising. It really turns our stomachs."

Although he admitted some defeat while announcing  Tumblr's very first ad units in April 2012 — "I was probably being an idiot then," Karp said — he has done a complete 180 since selling the social platform to a very ad-friendly Yahoo for $1.1 billion.

Advertisers' biggest and swankiest festival, the Cannes Lions, is taking place this week, and Karp is there wooing potential partners.

Ad Age reports, "Words like "humbled," "privileged," and "honored" tripped off his tongue, as did the hope that next year the crowd would be winning Lions for work created on Tumblr."

Karp also stated to the audience, "You guys are more talented than any one in the Tumblr office or in Palo Alto or Sunnyvale. We're constantly in awe, constantly in service."

Oh how the times have changed.

Laura is way nicer about this than David Karp deserves.

What a jerk thing to say.

So he's saying that everyone he's hired sucks.... if you're going to eat your words you might as well put a lot of dressing on em...  b/c another helping is on it's way!

It is bizarre that he would insult everyone he has hired AND everyone who works for the company that bought him.

He seems a bit... ungrateful.


Well, right. Why is he doing this?

Belated insight re the food chain.  

Ah. Well then we should welcome him into our world. 

Great summary of David Karp's change of heart by Sam Biddle:

Only three short, sweet years ago, David Karp was just another dreamy eyed dropout sitting atop a billion dollar idea. He wore a lot of plaid. He told the L.A. Times that the concept ofadvertising "really turns our stomachs." Today, he's on the beach, saying the best part of Vogue is the ads. David.

Meanwhile, Tumblr is pushing porn into an Internet sex ghetto:

This will make it hard for you to find porn on Tumblr, which is a really big deal for millions of people who use Tumblr. The same millions of people who Yahoo! wanted so badly to buy access to, in order to advertise to them. But no one will want to advertise to them if they're cruising for boobs. The problem here sounds confusing, but it's not: Yahoo! bought Tumblr to be cool. Tumblr was cool, in part, because you could stumble upon boobs or some kind of freaky-ass GIF or whatever the hell. It was a free-thinking weirdo zone free from marketing prudes or content control charts. But once you start to build an internet red light district, the rest of town feels a lot less exciting.

It is amazing how quickly David Karp came to embrace advertising.

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