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How to find your passion in life:

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When I first read the title of this post, I thought to myself, "What IS passion?"

Fortunately, Eric begins his post with a definition of harmonious passion:

Researchers found there are two types of passion: harmonious and obsessive. The latter is a bad thing, more like an addiction or being a stalker. We’ll focus on the former, thanks. So what defines harmonious passion?

Robert Vallerand and colleagues came up with a “Passion Scale.” How many of these are true of an activity you engage in?

Via Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined:

1. This activity allows me to live a variety of experiences.

2. The new things that I discover with this activity allow me to appreciate it even more.

3. This activity allows me to live memorable experiences.

4. This activity reflects the qualities I like about myself.

5. This activity is in harmony with the other activities in my life.

6. For me it is a passion, which I still manage to control.

7. I am completely taken with this activity.

The whole article is a great read on a hot summer day:

This is sad:

Less than 4 percent of the total identified passions had any relation to work or education, with the remaining 96 percent describing hobby-style interests such as sports and art.

I guess Pinterest counts as a hobby.

Read more:

Now go back and re-read Eric's article on passion:

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