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Louis CK- 3x5 card- This can be anything you want

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This past season of “Louie” had a couple of narratives that spanned multiple episodes. What inspired you to try that?

Last season was the first time I sat down and wrote the whole thing. When I wrote the Parker Posey stuff, it was really verbose and long, and I was like, “This is supposed to be one episode.” So I wrote a card that says, “This can be anything you want,” and it sat on my desk the rest of the season. Once I got to that, I was like, “Hey, telling longer stories, that’s fun.”

It's amazing insight that a simple observation -- this can be anything you want -- is so freeing.

I wonder if he keeps a stack of index cards on his desk.

You know, if he's really into telling longer stories, then perhaps he has a movie or two in him.

certainly, and he just saw how Woody Allen makes a film a year for 5 million.  

He could definitely do that, too. I hope he does.