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The Power of Habits

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The Power of Habits

"Success often feels like it comes down to a battle with your own willpower. That’s no fun. Thankfully there are researchers like BJ Fogg, at Stanford, who break goals into tiny habits that are so small that you can’t help but get momentum. There are articles like this NY Times piece on Decision Fatigue, that explain how to work around the finite capacity of our willpower. There are books like The Power of Habits, by Charles Duhigg, which go into great depth about the success that comes by focusing on creating new habits. "
"This growing knowledge about how to apply decades of psychology research in simple ways is what allowed us to build Lift. When you set a goal, think about what habits will support it."

-- Everything there is to know about Lift

"Power of Habit" is an excellent book. One of the best this year.

That book is top on my list. Can't wait to dig into it...

Quantified Self, meet Gamification of Self:

"Lift offers two feedback loops: visualized progress and support from a community of people with similar goals. When our beta testers report success they describe seeing their progress and wanting to beat it, seeing what other people are doing and feeling inspiration and accountability, and feeling great when they get recognition from other people..."

Some people are motivated by beating their personal best.

Some people are motivated by being accountable to others.

Lift cannot help someone who possesses neither of these motivations.

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