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Susan Cain Interview: 5 Things You Need To Know About Introverts

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Interview with the NYT bestselling author of "Quiet"

Susan says:

A meeting is the worst place to talk to an introvert. You are much better asking them one-on-one in a quiet setting and giving them plenty of time to prepare. Introverts by their nature want to process and think things through before they actually articulate something.

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Susan Cain explains how she created an amazing TED talk in one week:

I love that the book she recommends is Flow:

Flow by Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiIt’s research that he did on the psychological state of “flow”, which is like a transcendent state where you are still engaged in an activity. It could be reading. It could be chess. It could be talking.  It could be anything. You are still engaged in that activity but you are outside of yourself. You are neither bored nor anxious, you are completely engaged.

Most of the activities that he describes in his book are pretty introverted activities, solitary ones or thoughtful ones. And I’m always struck by that, going back to your question about happiness. A person who is engaged in that state of flow, they are not necessarily jumping for joy or they don’t necessarily have a huge smile on their face while in flow. It’s kind of a state that’s beyond happiness or reward. It’s more of a state where you are really melding with the thing that you are doing. And I think it’s something that any introvert can relate to. I found that book to be life changing.

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Introverts are better at managing proactive employees:

There was a study by Adam Grant in the last couple of years, where he found that introverted leaders delivered better outcomes than extroverts do when they are managing proactive employees.

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