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How To Become A Better Person: 6 Things That Make It Easier

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6 things that work for me.

Three thoughts:

1. The key concepts here are CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT and LIFE AUTOMATION.

2. What gets measured can be managed. Measuring also helps us set goals.

3. That said, how do you focus on work with so many apps prodding you regularly?

On point 3, perhaps it is the case that once things become habits they no longer require lots of time. 

I wish I could jump on the evernote bandwagon. I just don't know why I should even start.

The reason to start is so all your notes will be easily searchable.

That said, I've never been able to start using Evernote either.

My reasoning is that if I'm going to put in the work to take notes, I want to make those notes public and available to all. This is why you find so many of my notes on PandaWhale.

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