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What is life all about? Using business strategy to find your life's purpose...

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Are you content to simply narrate your life, or are you going to actually live it?

What’s your five-year plan? Your ten-year plan?

If you’re anything like me, your answer is probably something along the lines of “I have no idea.”

And just being asked that question makes you feel inadequate. Like you’re always supposed to know what the future will hold.

In his powerful book, How Will You Measure Your Life?, Clayton Christensen reflects that so many of his students at Harvard Business School feel they should always be able to answer “What is life all about?”

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93% of all companies start out doing one thing and abandon that strategy because it wasn’t viable.


Rather than worrying about adjusting to unexpected opportunities, your frame of mind should be focused on how best to achieve the goals you have deliberately set.

What about when you’re not feeling fulfilled? Or when you have a dream but it’s not paying the bills and offering a lifestyle? When you really have no clue to “What is life all about?”

Christensen says this is like those 93% of companies — they need to experiment, to look around to see how to pivot.

You need to be trying to new things, to iterate. To realize that maybe the shiny wrapping paper is better than that gift.

Don't stop searching. Don't give up.

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What’s rarely required is just more thinking. It’s testing and experimenting that leads to real opportunities: