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Science: How do I believe that the shade of blue I see would be seen as the same shade by somebody else? Or any other color. - Quora

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There is actually active discussion over whether or not everyone's color wheel is in sync.  The order of the colors has to be the same, otherwise things like complementary palettes wouldn't work.  But, the wheels themselves might actually be rotated.That would potentially mean that what I perceive as:


You might perceive as:


Recent studies have shown that our evolved perceptions of color do not directly correlate to how our cones sense color - perceptions are not predetermined by wavelength.So, it's possible your blue is not someone else's blue.  The jury is still out.

Dig deeper. Does it matter if our blues are different?

How would "mattering" be measured?  (Apart from the Terrorism Threat Level Chart and other strict military color codes).



I like this.  I've tried to describe to my wife that the color I see with one eye is actually slightly different than the color I see with my other eye.  She continuously tells me I'm crazy.

I love this scene in "The Girl With The Pearl Earring" where Vermeer asks Griet what color the clouds are.

It requires a certain maturity to see colors accurately.  A child would percieve white only.

Along those lines it is HARD to say a COLOR instead of the word when they don't match.

Check this out as an illustration of left brain conflicting with right brain:

colors funny

You believe your BLUE is the same as everyone else's BLUE because Dr. Manfred Clynes has already proved it so...over 50 years ago:

This article not only includes summary of his work on how we all see the same color RED, but also experience exactly the same emotions as identical physiological pulses.  Even more interesting is that this universal emotional communication experience shared among humans is also intelligible to animals with similar nervous systems to us.

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