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In August 2013 PandaWhale served 10 million uniques for the first time. Thank you everyone!

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This is a big milestone for us: 10 million monthly uniques! (July had 8 million uniques.)

Also as of September 1:

Global Alexa Rank: 18,606 ----- we're in the top 20k websites in the world! (July rank: 24,386)

U.S.A. Alexa Rank: 5888 -------- we're in the top 6k websites in America! (July rank: 7641)

And average pages per visit was 4.32; average time on site was 2:45. (July: 2.26; 1:58)

According to Google Analytics, anyone who came to PandaWhale's homepage stayed even longer:

Bounce rate was only 40%, average pages per visit was 5.54, and avg time on site was 6:50.

All the trends are looking good.

Thank you everyone!

Congratulations, Adam!  I'm so happy & privileged to be a part of it!

Thank YOU Tina! You're not just part of it; you're right in the middle of it all.

Super super congrats!  Amazing!


Yeah, we're regularly surprised, too. Thank you Matt and Sergey!

Like a boss!  Happy congrats!

Thank you Geege!

Thanks Adam!  I wonder why I can't see it?

Because most people just read and never write anything.

Congratulations on a great job.

Thank you Harry!

One of the best resources on the web!  Great news.

Congrats!  How many unique people are actually posting or making stashes...monthly and in total to date?  Or is that confidential?  Just curious...

That is wonderful news! Congratulations! 

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