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Does confidence have any relationship to actual skill?

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Confidence is tricky. I'm *SURE* of it.


The takers would have no idea we are selling placebos.

Re: "Confidence appears to be a consistent quality that varies from one person to the next, but has relatively little to do with one’s underlying knowledge or mental ability."

The Placebo Effect is amazing. In fact, it still works even if you know it's a placebo.

So we could even expressly say on the package that these confidence pills are a placebo.

The FDA doesn't regulate supplements and we'll win marketing points for transparency.

I like this idea.

Customer: "Um, Adam and Eric, aren't these just Skittles that you put in another container?"

Yes. Yes they are.

But these are not any ordinary Skittles.

These are CONFIDENCE Skittles.

Now with 20% more confidence in every pill.

For a limited time only... :)

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