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How to Run Faster - Video


In “Making Stuff,” a new four-part NOVA series premiering  on PBS on Wednesday, October 16, New York Times and Scientific American technology columnist David Pogue explores the material world in making things faster, smaller, cleaner and smarter. In this sneak-peek clip, Pogue learns the secret to faster sprinting. It doesn’t have to do with moving your limbs faster—in fact, analyses done at theSouthern Methodist University lab featured here show that professional sprinters and everyday folk reorient their legs at the same rate.

So what determines running speed? The short answer: staying straight and slamming down hard.

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STRONGER: What is the strongest material in the world? Is it steel, Kevlar, carbon nanotubes, or something entirely new?

SMALLER: How small can we go? Could we one day have robots taking "fantastic voyages" in our bodies to kill rogue cells?

CLEANER: Can innovations in materials science help clean up our world?

SMARTER:  "Smarter" concludes with a vision of the ultimate in "life-like" stuff: programmable matter that could create a duplicate of a human being.

Is it me or does "Stronger, Smaller, Cleaner, Smarter" sound like a Daft Punk song?

snap it, work it, quick, erase it... makes us better, faster, stronger...

Seriously though, it's very cool of PBS to have transcripts of this show online:

I caught the Faster program last night and especially enjoyed the segment on optimizing package delivery for speed and efficiency.  Mathy! 

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